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From the vaults: Hotel Room With A View – Bruce Weber

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I like coffee table books, especially photography ones, but I like books I can read too. This is a book I bought years ago that I often re-read. It’s full of advice snippets and interesting insights from Bruce Weber about his work process along with – of course – some beautiful and effortless-looking portrait photos. I like this quote on the back of the book… Continue reading

From the vaults: Kate Moss by Joey Toller for Rowan Yarns

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Is there no end to the ‘rarely seen before’ photos of early Kate Moss? As Vs magazine publishes some 1994 pictures of Kate Moss by Dana Lixenberg, I’m adding a few more to the mix. They are by Joey Toller from the Rowan Yarns magazine in the early 90s. Continue reading

From the vaults: Stella Tennant for Gap

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Photographer… David Sims possibly?

Update: I was right

From the vaults: Stella Tennant and Kirsten Owen

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In 1990s Italian Vogue…

From the vaults: Helmut Lang for Louis Vuitton

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I wanted this Helmut Lang for Louis Vuitton record box SO much!

Saving the scraps

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A quick flick through the new Lula reveals a wee article on scrapbooking including a sneak peak at Alison Mosshart’s cuttings¬†and pastings. It reminded me of my own three whopping great scrapbooks that I fill in fits and starts. My passion started at art college when I studied fashion illustration and collage was the medium du jour. I loved the work of Ivan Chermayeff as it had that ‘I can do that’ quality that always appeals to me. Ditto Robert Rauschenburg and Peter Blake. (Yes, I probably could do that…if I could be bothered. It’s finding the time and inspiration that’s the problem.)¬†
These days, what tends to happen is I’m good at finding the scraps – torn typography, discarded labels, a deflated balloon – but they mount up in a pile and then get upgraded into an envelope or paper bag of some sort. The next stage, several weeks later, is coralling said envelopes and paper bags into a bigger bag or box file and then on that rare day when the mood strikes and the thought, ‘I know, I’ll do my scrapbook’ enters my head, having a mega sort-out. In fact, the sorting out seems to be the most fun bit where I remind myself of these fabulous treasures I’ve amassed over the years (‘ooh, look at these Fiorucci stickers!’ ‘Hang, on, where did this postcard come from?’ etc etc). Yet by the time the sorting’s done, all my energy’s spent! Hence I now have two groaning box files of scraps but my poor scrapbooks are no fuller than they were two years ago. Hmm, maybe I’ll start again this weekend….

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