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From the vaults: Kirsten Owen

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Kirsten Owen in no make-up make-up, smiling and having a cheeky fag on the cover of Vogue Italia. In a plain black jumper. No coverlines. Just fantastic, no? (from September 1997, by Steven Meisel…)

From the vaults: International Stussy Tribe

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There you are… I’ve been looking for you everywhere Another magazine cutting unearthed from the depths of time. this is from when Stussy was really, really good! (There’s some great old footage here)

From the vaults: Anna Wintour by Ellen von Unwerth

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What a great find these photos are! They’re by Ellen von Unwerth from Interview magazine 1993, unearthed from a ring binder of goodies that I’m glad I never threw away. The photo of Anna with a (pre-Starbucks?) paper coffee cup surely epitomises the ambition of every long suffering intern that ever slaved over ‘returns’, dreaming of her Devil Wears Prada moment and the one below of Anna sharing a joke with Hamish and Camilla proves that – yes! – the Chanel sunnies stay on at all times… Continue reading

From the vaults: John Galliano contact sheet 1991

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Ahhh, it’s amazing the things you unearth when rummaging through old school and college files. This contact sheet is from a 1991 John Galliano PR shoot. My friend had done work experience in the press office and had smuggled this out along with some stickers and labels. I think it was for a diffusion line called Galliano’s Girl. Continue reading

I’ve been Burberry-ed

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It’s not often I post photos of me on this site because it’s not that kind of blog but I’m making an exception on this occasion because I know people like to see exactly who is spouting all this information and opinion every once in a while. Oh who am I kidding, I’ve been Burberry-ed! Continue reading

From the vaults: remember when Helmut Lang designed a record box for Louis Vuitton…?

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…and Grandmaster Flash posed on it?
Continue reading

From the vaults: remember when Jil Sander did make-up?

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Love the graphic 1990s packaging. Wonder if we might see it reprised?

From the vaults: Prada camel coat

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Getting a Jil Sander AW2012 vibe from this Prada AW1995 camel coat…

[Image: US Vogue]

From the vaults: My Vivienne Westwood Pop Swatch

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I unearthed this old vintage Vivienne Westwood Swatch from my archive (AKA a dusty trunk in the bedroom) yesterday to photograph it for a project. When I mentioned it on Twitter it created quite the buzz, possibly because I discovered people are now listing ir for £300+ on Ebay. My watch probably cost about £50 twenty years ago which I guess was still a lot of money ‘in them days’. But I would never sell it. In my eyes, this is a design classic – functional, beautiful and statement-making. I just need a new battery…

From the vaults: rebuffed by the Palace

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Oh dear…

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