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CULT CANDLES: A.P.C, Bella Freud, Diptyque (and the rest)

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Diptyque By Emily Faulstich Hawaiian Coconut Tumblr

So it seems the world is divided into those who love fancy scented candles and those who don’t get the fascination. If you do, they can become something of an addiction (ahem). If you don’t, well, you may as well stop reading now. But not all posh candles are created equal. Some (many) are just an easy add-on to a brand’s beauty output; others are so powerful, that they become cult objects in themselves. Yes I’m thinking of the Pinterest cliche of everyone’s favourite Diptyque Figuier arranged on a silver vanity tray alongside a posy of roses for optimum effect. My absolute favourite are the Fornasetti Profumos in their collectable ceramic holders. What’s yours?

I like mulled wine-scented candles just as much as the next person but sometimes, something less obvious is called for. I recommend Miller Harris’s Bois Noisette candle for its comforting, gentlemanly qualities. It’s a cheery blend of fruity berry (pimento berry to be precise) meets dark chocolate, underscored by ginger absolute which gives it a hit of sharpness. At £70 it’s a luxury candle but the scent is intense enough that you don’t need to burn it for long to get the full effect.

This is the opposite of rich and warming, it’s a different kind of scent than you’d expect from Fornasetti. From the green and gold malachite-effect holder to the sharp pine-y notes, Fornasetti’s Malachite candle is wintry and fresh smelling. The green notes hit you first, then you get the cedar wood and patchouli heart, followed by the sandalwood and amber base. The holder itself is a thing of beauty and this is my number one choice for luxury-lovers.

An oldie but goodie, I love this herby fig leaf and tomato candle in its cult black pot. It’s definitely a cool candle and a great one for gifting to couples.

I’m not a traditional oud fan but in this candle it’s combined with bergamot and orange granite so you get the lovely mysterious warmth of oud cut with a twist of citrus. The dark packaging of Jo Malone’s Cologne Intense line is also a little more blokey than the classic cream and black.

This trio of teeny votives by Malin & Goetz is another good unisex choice with its masculine notes of dark rum, tobacco and vetiver. It’s also fairly affordable at £34 for three. (Currently unavailable in the UK online, but I’ve seen it in SpaceNK stores.)

This is a candle with a rather nice bath oil attached. I think we can all agree that Aromatherapy Associates makes quite the best relaxing bath oils. The candle is an added bonus that will make bath time the most blissful pampering treat ever. (And I noticed it’s in the sale if you buy from Birchbox #winning)

Not sure if it’s just because it reminds me of my happy place but I find this sweet orange blossom candle so relaxing. It’s definitely eau de A.P.C, I spend enough time in their stores that I’d recognise it anywhere and I always fine the stores themselves quite Zen-like. One for the wannabe Parisian minimalist.

Astier De Villatte candles are all named after places and very evocative, so a lovely choice if you want to be reminded of somewhere special. They’re expensive but the handmade ceramic holders are a big part of the appeal so one for artisan-appreciators. For the best experience, go to Liberty and browse all their other ceramics as well.

The Diptyque Figuier candle is the one that started it all off and its green, fruity smell still has the power to perk up a blah mood. The £20 mini candle is a good one for travelling or as an affordable gift option.

These power-packed churchy candles are not for the faint hearted. They’re proper scented candles for those who want fragrance wafting through every nook of the house. I love the reverent woody-meets-citrus notes of Odalisque, deliciously blended with hints of vanilla and orange blossom.

The traditional citrussy smell of Acqua Di Parma’s signature cologne is so unique and sophisticated, it never gets old. The accompanying candle in its understated frosted holder is equally timeless and reassuring.

If you buy into the Tory Burch lifestyle you’ll love the classic orange design of this cult candle. Its notes of citrus, sandalwood and jasmine sum up the Tory Burch brand of uptown tomboy elegance. One to place next to the stack of rare photography books and vintage Hermes ashtray.


WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
MAIN IMAGE: Hawaiiancoconut.tumblr.com


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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


Burberry-Naomi-Campbell-Jourdan-Dunn-Spring-Summer 2015-Campaign

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the new Burberry ss15 campaign featuring Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn. I love the colourful energy of this campaign and – note to Santa – as a key focus of the collection, the trench coats are being made available to buy from today at Burberry.com (with the rest of the collection on sale globally from January 5th). Continue reading

Retail report: The rebirth of Chiltern Street

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Chiltern Firehouse is the best thing about Chiltern Street, despite the fact that it’s not even properly open yet. While London’s It people have enjoyed countless dinners over the last few months, the hotel and restaurant don’t fully open for another couple of weeks (breakfast and lunch service is due to start at the end of June).

But there are plenty of other reasons to head to this genteel pocket of London, not least its new retail focus. If you skew to the types of brands sold on Mr Porter or Tres Bien and have a Scandi ‘lagom’ attitude to getting dressed, then this is your kind of shopping street. Continue reading

Fornasetti’s secret garden

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MAIN Fornasetti-Giardino-Segreto 7

The arrival of a new Fornasetti Profumi product is always a big event in my book and the latest, Giardino Segreto is no exception. Unveiled in a ‘secret garden’ bursting with roses, hydrangeas and spring foliage, it evoked the mysterious, dreamlike world of the Fornasetti garden in Milan. Continue reading

Fornasetti’s fragranced windows

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Olfactory marketing is becoming more important as retailers try to appeal to all our senses. I love this idea from Fornasetti and Selfridges. If you pass their Christmas window – a hilly snowscape scene featuring a gigantic version of the Ortensia candle – you get a blast of Flora De Fornasetti emitted onto the street. Too fabulous!

On Fornasetti incense and preserving the ancient art of Kodo

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You may know Fornasetti for its distinctive ceramics and homewares. I certainly have an unhealthy preoccupation with the ashtrays and cabinets – especially those depicting the classical features of Lina Cavalieri, the 19th century opera singer and muse of Piero Fornasetti. But a more recent departure for the brand is its entry-point home smellies – the Fornasetti Profumi scented candles in their lidded jars (that are regarded not merely as candles but as decorative objects) and the delightful illustrated incense boxes.

Just like the boxes, the incense inside is an artisanal product. Created in Japan, it’s produced by Nippon Kodo, who have been making incense to exacting standards since 1575. At a workshop hosted by The Conran Shop to celebrate the Art of Kodo and the ritual of incense appreciation, I discovered that like calligraphy and tea ceremonies, ancient Japanese traditions are gradually going out of fashion. Globalisation favours teaching primary school kids English, not calligraphy, we were told by our Japanese Kodo master. And yet, as he demonstrated, the precise and meditative ritual of Kodo is something to be savoured, perhaps more so than ever in the information-overloaded 21st century. In a strange twist, it’s the western cultures that are learning to appreciate the age-old traditions and crafts of the East – as I’ve noticed with the recent flurry of ‘save our artisans’ retail workshops. So maybe all’s not quite lost… yet.

Buy it now: Mother’s Day beauty buys

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What do you get your mum for Mother’s Day? I don’t always have to worry about this one as my mum lives abroad and is usually pretty happy with a card, flowers and a phone call. But I think you can’t go wrong with something pretty or pampery in lovely packaging. Here are a few beauty ideas that I like in case you’re still stuck… Continue reading

Introducing Bella Freud scented candles

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Bella Freud Candle

I’m a firm believer that your choice of scented candle says a lot about you. Luxe  Diptyques, Jo Malones and Fornasettis all suggest a person who enjoys the finer, prettier things in life  *nods vigorously*.

The fact is, most posh candles last a good age so you don’t really need to replenish. In that way, they’re a little like clothes, accessories, or indeed perfume, more about variety and the sheer delight of having lovely things surrounding you.

Proving my point perfectly is Bella Freud who has just introduced a line of scented candles, daubed with her famous whimsical slogans. Possibly almost better than a ‘Ginsberg is God’ knit in that you can enjoy this every single day – just keep it as a fragrant desk ornament (I certainly will).

The candle is available at Space NK in three varieties at £38 each.

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