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Interview with François Lesage, 1987

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl

Couture embroiderer François Lesage died last week at the age of 82. Here’s some great old footage of the craftsman at work and describing his processes…

Colourful cuts from Victorinox

Posted on by Disneyrollergirl

As a lover of paper, cutting shit out and cutesy knick knacks, I’m all over this Victorinox Tomo Swiss Army knife (that was sent as a gift – thank you!). A collaboration between the classic knife brand and Japanese designer, Kazuma Yamaguchi, the Victorinox Tomo comes in a rainbow of colours and weighs literally nothing.

In my package was a Rob Ryan stencil and special Japanese stencil paper but I think the best thing is this accompanying video – inspirational, no?

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