Perfect pairing: Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin cashmere socks

My unexpected best buys of last year were these Scottish woollens and cashmeres from Johnstons of Elgin.

A bonus perk from visiting the Johnstons of Elgin weaving facilities in Scotland, they were scooped up rather too gleefully from the factory shop. (more…)

& another thing


Did I mention I have this thing for sensible knitwear? I’m very particular – I like crew necks and V necks in a traditional cut with minimal details. I don’t like it when the ribbing is too narrow or the waistband too deep. And I like classic colours – red, burgundy, camel, navy, grey. (more…)

Tanya Ling X Queene & Belle

Tanya ling cashmere for Queene & Belle

Tanya Ling is quite the lady of the moment. She has long been on my radar for her ravishing illustrations of Vuitton’s collections, she has an addictive Instagram feed and a giant assemblage of her line paintings is the sight that greets you on entering Alex Eagle’s inspiring new lifestyle store in South Kensington. (more…)

How to beat the cold snap, one luxe layer at a time


In London we haven’t had a truly cold snap yet this year but I’m bracing myself. If the threats are true that we’re in for the harshest winter since 1949, then I plan to be thoroughly insulated. (more…)