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Where did you get that picture?

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There’s been a lot of chat about how to properly credit the images used on blogs. I always credit pictures if I know the source but sometimes I’ve found them on blogs that don’t credit them and then what? Lacquerized just alerted me to a new function on Google Images that helps you find the source of your photos. Continue reading

Bruce Weber shoots Bottega Veneta fragrance ad

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Bravo Tomas Maier for commissioning this beautifully evocative ad for Bottega Veneta Parfum from Bruce Weber. Featuring Ines de la Frsssange’s daughter Nine D’Urso…

Bruce Weber for Salvatore Ferragamo

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I can’t tell you how much I’m liking these luxury brands eschewing the overplayed sex vixen advertising in lieu of something more portraity. One of my favourite portrait photographers, Bruce Weber has been called for photo duties on the Salvatore Ferragamo campaign and well, you can tell can’t you? Continue reading

Teddy Boys of The Edwardian Drape Society

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I’m so glad I went to see Bruce Weber Shorts yesterday, a lovely hour of cinematic gorgeousness and perfect for a Saturday afternoon. Alas, I had to dash off moments before the end to catch a train to Leeds for a last minute BBC debate on the evils of teen magazines (I had to defend them). Before I left, tripping over my wheelie Globetrotter in a rather non-elegant fashion, I managed to catch the gem that was Teddy Boys of The Edwardian Drape Society, a three-minute movie showing a selection of old timer teddy boys (and girls) still dressing up, quiffing up and generally tearing up the dancefloor. These characters are passionate about their scene as can be witnessed in this old interview with Ritchie Gee who runs the Edwardian Drape Society. What a character!

[Images: Teds Corner]