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Beauty bits: Diana Vreeland fragrance, The Beauty Plus, Michael Kors, professional selfies, Cire Trudon, Petra Collins, Louboutin nails, Astier de Villatte

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July is the month that the fashion and beauty brands unveil all their Christmas goodies. I try to avoid Christmas In July because I don’t work on a mag any more and frankly, it’s exhausting! But I do the odd department store press day as they usually have the best exclusives. Here’s my favourite from Selfridges: Diana Vreeland fragrance. I have more info coming but it’s the brainchild of one of Mrs Vreeland’s grandsons, it smells refined and luxe and goes on sale at Selfridges on August 21st. Watch this space for updates. P.S, how beautiful are the bottles? Those tassels!



The unstoppable Jane at British Beauty Blogger really is unstoppable; she’s just launched another beauty blog! This one is called The Beauty Plus and is all about age-inclusive beauty… ‪


Here’s a look at the new Michael Kors nail shades, just in at House of Fraser. My favourite is Femme Fatale, a deep, witchy navy that goes on really well with no streaks (it’s the bottom right one and is darker than the picture). It lasted extremely well too. There are nine shades in total at £15 each.



Have you booked your professional portrait session yet, for all those social media profile pics? Apparently empowerment photography is a thing. If you don’t believe me, read When Selfies Won’t Do in the New York Times…



How crazily unpractical fabulous is this Cire Trudon candle-carrier-slash-handbag? It’s a joint collab with La Contrie, a luxe leathergoods company from Paris, who I first discovered at London Fashion Week a year ago. Coming to le Bon Marché and Cire Trudon boutiques in September.



More on selfies, I love this Into The Gloss Top Shelf discussion on teen beauty, feminism and ‘mirror face’…



Give whoever came up with Rouge Louboutin a big, fat medal. My only question is, what took you so long? This epic red nail colour (they’re not calling it a polish) launched last week and even though it sells at £36, that’s not dampened demand. I got a Rouge Louboutin mani yesterday at the launch and I can confirm that it’s a deep, true red packed with pigment that went on like a dream. I asked for my nails to be clipped short and the result was sophisticated but casual. There’s more to the the Christian Louboutin Beaute line which I’ll hopefully blog about next week, but for now, enjoy the David Lynch video on the Christian Louboutin website.



If you’re a fan of Astier De Villatte, don’t miss this charming video championing the people behind the brand. I love their candles (all inspired by their favourite places) and their ceramics, which are hand made in that rough-luxe way that appreciates imperfections.

Topshop X Shit Bloggers Wear

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Is this the first time illustration has been used in an etail context? To sell actual product? Probably not, but I love the idea. Especially when used by Topshop US in association with Shit Bloggers Wear. The high street retailer asked Cecilia Doan to illustrate its new season hero pieces based on her satirical Tumblr blog, Shit Bloggers Wear. Nice one whoever came up with this one…

‘The animal print sweat’
Topshop-Sweat Continue reading

Club Monaco creates all-blogger look book (and launches it on Tumblr)

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Club Monaco was an early adopter in curating inspiring content on its ‘Culture Club’ Tumblr. From fabulous architecture to offbeat coffee shops, since 2010 it has nailed the art of curating relevant content without ramming product down our throats. Plus its Tumblr is one of the few branded Tumblrs that I follow. (BTW, my beauty Tumblr is here…) Now it has achieved another first – the first blogger-cast Tumblr lookbook and a Club Monaco-branded Tumblr theme. Continue reading

How do you store your beauty stuff?

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I love to see how people store and display their jewellery and beauty products . If you want to be featured on Into The Gloss, you’d better have a ton of Chanel products, store your cotton buds in old Diptyque glass containers and display the lot on an antique silver tray. Like this lot for example…

Stylist Vanessa Traina

Continue reading

Blog loving: Dapper Dan of Harlem

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Hip hop style of yester-year yo! More here

On Karlheinz clipdanglers and everyday carry

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Love a Karlheinz Weinberger clipdangler. That is, a leather clip to dangle from your belt to hang your keys from (in the style of the Karlheinz kids). Not sure that ‘clipdangler’ is an actual word but if it’s not, it should be. I found these ‘clipdanglers’ on the Vintage Showroom blog. They’re selling them at their Earlham Street shop…

And while Googling ‘clipdangler’, I came across the Everyday Carry Tumblr, full of photos of the essential stuff men carry daily in their pockets/man bags plus commentary to go with. Continue reading

Awesome people hanging out together at the Advanced Style London book launch

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Far too much fun was had on Thursday night at the Advanced Style book launch when London’s funnest and finest turned out for Ari Seth Cohen’s party at Mary’s Shop, House of Fraser. I ran around like a crazed photo-blogger taking my piss-poor photos of Virginia Bates, Duggie Fields, Jibby Bean, Bernstock & Speirs’ Thelma Speirs, and the lady on page 28 of Advanced Style. Continue reading

Street style old and new: Coggles and The Skartorialist

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At the Coggles press day I discovered the brand has a two year old archive of on-the-street portraits taken by Nick Scaife. These images are very much about the person as much as their clothes, and Coggles has gone on to develop this idea by making short films about a few of its favourite subjects. Continue reading

What is ISYS?

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What is ISYS? An archive, a gallery, a blog, a body of work about people, what they look like, how they move and what moves them. That’s the explanation you’ll find on this addictive site, but I wanted more so I quizzed one of the founders, Nina Mandandhar… Continue reading

Olivia Palermo’s blog launches next week

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As has been breathlessly reported for months, Olivia Palermo is launching a blog. And it arrives next week (read Fashionista’s interview with OP here). As I wrote recently, it’s the natural move for the fashion plate to move into editing her own site and as I also predicted, the focus won’t be purely fashion but lifestyle. Another smart move, there will be ‘click to buy’, not only a way to monetise (I presume it will be an affiliate model) but a good way to research what brands her readers are interested in.

Will you be reading Olivia Palermo’s blog?

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