Buy it now: sunset palettes

By Terry Sunset Palettes

I’ve never bought into the hoopla of palettes. I think partly it’s because they’re so hyped you know another one will be along in a minute. And partly it’s because you only ever use half the shades. But there’s been a succession of very pretty ones lately that I think are worth investing in if you’re looking for something easy and enduring.

Peony Lim did a detailed Insta Stories tutorial with the By Terry Tropical Break 3 palette (above, £65) using the golden bronzers and deep blush shades. The outcome was my favourite kind of makeup, natural-looking with a bit of a flush (not half as scary as the colours look in the pan), complemented by rose pink #mlbb* lips. The easiest thing to do is swirl all three rose gold bronzing shades together with a fat brush and blend them along the hairline and under the cheekbones. Then with an angled brush, pick up the orange and the pink, tap off the excess and blend these into the apples of the cheeks. Use the highlighter shade along the tops of the cheekbones and finish with mascara and a nude liquid lipstick. Buy the palette at Net-a-Porter.

MAC MISCHIEF MINX PALETTE Again, this is all about the warm, earthy eye tones that seem to be flattering to all but especially medium olive tones. I love orange and tan on the eyes, particularly at this time of year – late summer going into autumn. Alongside the sunset shades in a range of textures, there’s also a golden highlighter and some darker browns for adding depth. Buy The MAC Mischief Minx palette at Selfridges and John Lewis (£32).

ZOEVA COCOA BLEND EYESHADOW PALETTE At £18, I don’t think anyone can argue with this ten-shadow palette. I’ve not tried Zoeva make-up but it’s generally well regarded and I’m a fan of the excellent Zoeva brushes so I’d definitely give this a go. For late summer, the golden bronze shades add back-from-the-beach luminosity without full-on shimmer. And you’ll get lots of wear from the matte taupe and chocolate brown shades throughout the year. (P.S, I much prefer these user-friendly round pans to zigzags or too-small squares.) Buy it at Selfridges.

*my lips but better


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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Chanel autumn beauty 2017 Travel Diary

Chanel Travel Diary beauty fall winter 2017

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