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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


Somehow I missed the memo that Richard Lambertson and John Truex had parted ways with Tiffany. The handbag designers are now co-design directors of leather accessories at Shinola, where WWD reports that leathergoods (which currently make up 10% of sales) are hoping to take a bigger brand focus.


Aaaand the latest new bold-face make-up artist to sign to a brand is… one I’ve never heard of before. Sir John is Beyonce’s MUA and has just signed to L’Oréal Paris, where he will work on product development and adding a “cool, modern, digital” approach to the company’s upcoming launches, according to Vogue.com. (And no, that’s not Beyonce in the pic but Google Images didn’t have a lot to choose from…)


I loved reading this profile of Tiffany’s design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof in the New York Times. She discusses “dull” good taste, creative experimentation and her friendship with Alexander McQueen: “Whenever I face a problem in the studio, I hear Lee in my ear. It’s him saying: ‘Push it, Francesca. Push it! Do more!’ ”


Lancôme has gone for a playful idea to celebrate its 80th anniversary. To help engage younger fans, it has launched You Are Lancôme, a fun micro-site in which users can upload self portraits and have them decorated with cute illustration ‘stickers’.


Things have been quiet on the 3D printing side until now. United Nude, which has always been ahead of the curve with its architectural-looking foorwear, has collaborated with 3D SYSTEMS and five leading architects and product designers on a project for Milan’s Salone del Mobile. The United Nudes Re-Inventing Shoes project, takes a look at how 3D printing can work in shoe design, with envelope-pushing creations from designers including Zaha Hadid and Michael Young (above). Each design is apparently fully-functional, and available to buy in a limited run of just 50.

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IMAGES: Shinola via Andrew Redington/Getty Images; Francesca Amfitheatrof via Christopher Sturma/New York Times

Trending now: Custom 3-D printed jewellery

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Here’s an interesting brand jumping on the 3d-printing personalisation trend. These name bracelets are made to order from Zazzy, a Dutch jewellery brand that uses precious and semi-precious metals for its youthful, casual jewellery. Continue reading

Last Call: The Future Is Here at The Design Museum

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Eek, I’m way behind on my exhibition reports. OK, if you have any interest in the future of product and fashion design, or even art, then scrap all weekend plans and get thee to Shad Thames. For this weekend is the last weekend for the wonderful eye-opener that is The Future Is Here at The Design Museum. Continue reading

The third industrial revolution: On 3D printing and its impact on the fashion industry

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Five months ago, BON magazine commissioned me to write about 3D printing and its potential impact on the fashion industry. The best bit was researching it (with some great help from Jen Eleto). I got some incredibly generous insights from the likes of Dutch product designer Sjors Bergmans who made the first wearable 3D printed shoes, Chris Norman, CEO of 3D printing company Kraftwurx, and Peter Hill who runs the fashion digital studio at London College of Fashion. During my interview with Ron Arad, he disappeared to unearth some 3D printed earrings from the back office of his studio. They were made nine years ago – “the first 3D printed consumer accessories”, according to him.

I also spoke to legal expert Kenneth Mullen and commercial strategy consultant Ceci Guicciardi to get their views on how the ease of 3D printing in future will affect copyright laws, while LCF’s Peter Hill even let us use the LCF 3D printers to make some possible designer ‘fakes’ – with interesting results. (Conclusion: it’s early days for this technology but it’s developing fast.) The article has just been published and has had a good response. Some people are calling 3D printing the third industrial revolution, but if you still think 3D printing in fashion means creating 3D textures on a T-shirt, then maybe you need to go to 3D Printshow at The Brewery in Clerkenwell this weekend. (Admission is £19.95 and boooking is advisable. Info here.)

The full article can be found in BON magazine, out now…

UPDATE: You can read an edited version of the article on Business of Fashion

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGE: BON Magazine

Fashion futurism: DVF’s Google Glass video

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I’m convinced that eyewear is going to be the fashion category with the most possibilities for future tech innovation. While I’m not quite sure what’s happened with Lady Gaga’s Polaroid camera glasses, we’re already starting to see an emergence in 3d printed eyewear, but let’s put that aside for now.

This week it’s all about Google Glass, thanks to Diane Von Furstenberg’s NYFW collab with Google. When she took her bow on the catwalk with Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin on Sunday, she was wearing one of the colour-coded eye-pieces. Turns out each Google Glass houses a chip in its frame which was able to record the preparations and goings-on of show day. The final video is here to see and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Google Glass technology…

3D printing in fashion: Nike and Ross Barber

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I’ve been researching 3D printing in fashion for a few weeks. Most commonly used for prototyping in industrial design, Nike has started using it for prototyping its fashion sportswear and LCF graduate Ross Barber used it to make hybrid leather-nylon shoes. When I try to explain 3D printing to people, they (understandably) have no idea what I’m talking about. These videos explain it better…

Ross Barber


Introducing Ron Arad’s £900 PQ Eyewear sunglasses

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Look at the picture above. You’re looking at a pair of ‘Angel’ sunglasses from Ron Arad’s new eyewear line, PQ Eyewear. RRP between £400 and £900 which is a pretty penny to pay. Continue reading