Swatch New Gent collection

You know I love a Swatch and anything with a ‘boyfriend’ prefix. Have we covered boyfriend watches? Swatch’s New Gent watch makes the mens Swatch a fraction bigger (up from 34mm to 41mm) but thankfully hasn’t added any other trimmings. Apart from a day/date window which you don’t get on the women’s Swatches (er, why?). That said, I’m reliably informed that Swatch totally expects women to wear these watches too – and we will!

The collection comes in ten solid colours and has a rubber strap that promises not to get brittle as the plastic ones can. It retails for a nice, friendly £42. This is going to be an ongoing collection so if none of these tickle your fancy, keep an eye out for next season.

Oh yeah, also Swatch has been doing a number of promo projects with magazines to launch the watches. Wallpaper did a shoot inspired by the gay hanky code, while i-D collaborated with a bunch of bloggers including ‘fabulosity Fred’ (AKA Fred Butler) and Gary Card. (Why I wasn’t asked to take part, God only knows *huff*… )

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3 Responses to Swatch New Gent collection

  1. Susan says:

    Curiously colourful – especially the hanky code..

  2. Amy says:

    I want the black and the cranberry!


  3. fredbutlerstyle says:

    I worked it out……….you werent asked because they needed faces to put with the watch faces………. so an anonymous blogger as yourself wouldn't fit the brief for the visuals and videos………

    COME OUT!!!!!

    ; )

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