State Of Independenz

With the launch of Indian Vogue, a new Wes Anderson film, The Darjeeling Limited and numberous festivities celebrating 60 years of Indian independence, India is in focus right now. What’s to bet that autumn/winter 08 will be heavily influenced by all things South Asian? To whet your appetite, London College of Fashion is running State Of Independenz, a guest speaker programme during October and November featuring fashion designers Osman Yousefzada, Ashish and Manish Arora, alongside a host of photographers, artists and writers of Indian descent. To book a place at one of these talks, visit

Photo:Manish Arora from

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6 Responses to State Of Independenz

  1. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    Let’s see…for right now, I’m a little circumspect about all the hype, and Manish Arora’s kistchiness will never hit my soft spots (I loved it when he toned it down for AW 07-08 in London, though- it was cool instead of being campy).
    Do post about what the talks are like if you attend any, please?

  2. WendyB says:

    Latex leggings!

  3. susie_bubble says:

    Thanks for the tip-off…. I’ll definitely go to some…

  4. Dan says:

    I have run across your blog and I found it very interesting, like it a lot. I have a blog too: I would like to exchange links with you.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  5. riz says:

    Manish Arora is really hyped by Hilary Alexander. She loves him. I haven’t really warmed up to him yet…I am SO curious about the talks. Do tell (post)…

  6. Diana @ So Fash'on says:

    There’s something about Manish Arora that really intrigues me…

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