SS13 trend report: Would you wear leather dungarees?

Leather dungarees: yay or nay? These are from Whistles, I’ve seen them in the flesh and they look really, really good. The cut is superb, the leather is ultra-soft (that’s the key) and the detailing is minimal. I think the crucial bit is the length of the rise and the slightly loose fit around the bum and thigh. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the cheaper quality imitations but if you manage to get these and look as effortless as this in them, kudos to you!

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4 Responses to SS13 trend report: Would you wear leather dungarees?

  1. It’s an interesting trend & done well, I think it would look amazing but at 47 with a size 14 body, I won’t be participating. x

  2. Lola says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I would wear it, I saw them the other day on whistles web, I love them but they are quite expensive…x

  3. laura says:

    looks fab

  4. Bex says:

    MOST DEFINITELY!!! I think with a killer pair of heels and perhaps a simply cropped black tuxedo jacket, it would be an amazing look. Considering the Phillip Lim ones are all sold out, I might have to get in there at Whistles asap! :p

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