SS09 trend report: Topshop

Sport Nouveau, Memphis, Voodoo, Aztec and Eighties were just some of the words and phrases bandied about at the Topshop press day. Unlike Miss Selfridge, Topshop can take inspiration from a bygone era and style it so it looks new for now. That’s just what they’ve done for SS09 with tribal graphic T-shirts and leggings giving a gentle nod to Bodymap (Google them) but adding a noughties edge with silk boyfriend blazers, suede perforated peg pants and roll-up jeans. Last summer’s Liberty sprigs reappear next season along with plaid flannel shirts – this time reworked with heavy studding- and ’80s-wash denim (yuk). Shoes are as strong as ever…look, they’ve even done a Chloe ‘inspired’ boot!

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14 Responses to SS09 trend report: Topshop

  1. Claire says:

    Loving the black studded boots (however Chloe inspired they may be) at the bottom of the page, must keep a look out for those or something similar!

  2. A dreamer says:

    *grabs Disney Roller Girl by the shoulder and shakes her rapidly*
    “Why don’t TS come to AUS?”

  3. Big City Bumpkin says:

    love those purple shoes and black studded boots!

  4. enc says:

    The ’80s have exploded! I love it. I admit it, in public.

  5. ------------------------------------------------------------ says:

    I love the orange fringed boot things.I shall definitely be popping in the spring/ summer if it ever arrives

  6. Marina says:

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  7. selinaoolala says:

    i’ve started saving right now- i need some light denim in my life! thanks for the pictures!

  8. claire says:

    love those white boots! y-s x

  9. Helen-LG says:

    I’m not really being grabbed by any of it – apart from the lovely little leather belt with book/thingy on it and the purple shoes are very cute.

    I’m not a massive fan of most of those trends though so I’m gonna be a tough sell! I’ll agree that most of it doesn’t look dated/old.. The 80s whitewash denim is never a good idea though!

  10. Jana TheJunction says:

    When I first saw the Chloe boots a couple of months back I was hooked. I wanted to have them so bad, as a matter of fact I still do. But they are simply unaffordable. The Topshop ones look all right, but they are nowhere near as beautiful as the the original. They look a bit cheap. However, I might still get them. :)

  11. V says:

    good stuffff :)

    wanna link?x

  12. juliette says:

    Lots of 80s mid-western references there, with a bit of early 90s rave thrown in for good measure, which I kind of did last time. I love it for the fun and the memories but think it is a sign I may be getting too old for TS.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i really want to know the white pump fringe boots they use on the ocmmercial, what are thesse boots?

    please help


  14. Style-Sphere says:

    Studs glorious studs!!!
    Great post, Topshop has a really strong collection this season.The Preen for Topshop is fantastic.

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