SS 09 trend report: Miss Selfridge

I’m sure it sells very well but Miss Selfridge has become a tad predictable in its collections as essentially they always consist of a rehash of some past decade or other. Next spring it’s the turn of the bad-taste ’80s as Wednesday’s unveiling looked a lot like someone had been let loose in Absolute Vintage and carted the whole lot of primary-coloured suede gilets, bustier dresses and chain-strap bags to this disused space in the heart of Covent Garden. No matter, the presentation was super-slick with banks of TVs displaying iconic 80s films and videos (Who’s That Girl! Prince! Footloose!) to get us into the groove. I like how the ‘stories’ were arranged in colours – jade, royal blue and white are key. Highlights? The denim pieces were really strong and destined for commercial success in my eyes but a dubious beige acrylic crochet sweater was a bad-taste statement too far.

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7 Responses to SS 09 trend report: Miss Selfridge

  1. etoilee8 says:

    I can only handle so much 80’s comeback at one time. My head might have short circuited in that space.

  2. enc says:

    I can’t resist that denim jumpsuit/romper thingie.

    Or all the green things.

  3. skinnyGLASSESgirl says:

    wow i love the denim and that lil pink top/dress…i wonder if i can order stuff online?

  4. Fashion Therapist says:

    Love the green too, but I also love the blue pumps!!!!

  5. Make Do Style says:

    Oh my challenging! To sell that is…

  6. Queen Michelle says:

    I can’t be doing with all this stone washed denim. It’s was hideous in the 80’s and it’s still hideous now! Miss Selfridges just always looks really cheap to me.

  7. Glowing Doll says:

    I agree.

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