Spooky! Quentin Jones’ window installation at Darkroom Store

Happy Halloween! Last week after a loooong day spent installing a giant-size scrapbook onto the walls of Blitz vintage department store in Hanbury Street, I headed to Lambs Conduit Street to check out another installation. Quentin Jones has turned the windows of the wonderful Darkroom concept store into ‘HAUNTED’, a witty, witchy 3-D assemblage featuring her signature photo-montage and moving image. It’s up til 6th November so swing by if you’re in the area (and maybe pick up a Jonathan Saunders scarf while you’re there… the stock is seriously seductive).

Check out the blog post on Quentin Jones’ site with photos of her work in progress plus a wee film by Magnus Dennis.

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2 Responses to Spooky! Quentin Jones’ window installation at Darkroom Store

  1. Duck says:

    Oooh it looks good, I had hoped to go see the launch last week but it was the same evening as The Industry. Can’t wait to get my Halloween on tonight!

  2. Rachel says:

    I do love this! It’s a great spooky design that has a lot of attention to detail. So complex and nothing was left blank. Fabulous.

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