Snazzy sale buys and new-in

Oh man, there is so much good stuff still in the sales including lots of classics (hello Chloe bag), twisted classics (I see ya Moschino jacket) and statement accessories. There’s also some excellent knitwear which I’m saving for a separate post. Meanwhile, the Spring and Pre new-ins just keep on coming, in particular I’ve noticed some really exciting jewellery coming through. I have included a cage bracelet from Topman which proves my point that you should definitely sniff around the menswear sites (Mr Porter and Luisa Via Roma are always good for this) if you don’t want to miss out…


Moschino metallic jacket, £460.50 (£1,535); Alexander Wang sunglasses, £115 (£220); Balenciaga watch £437 (£875)
Chloe Madeleine bag, £795 (£1,135); YSL Le Smoking [size 38 only] £1222 (£2445); Chloe sandals, £267 (£445)


Stella McCartney shorts, £570; Topman bracelet, £15; Ralph Lauren polo shirt, £98
Miu Miu trousers, £180; COS jumper, €69; Rochas coat, £1,885
Delfina Delittrez cuff, £1992.63Terry de Havilland shoes, £515; Balenciaga ring, £185

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One Response to Snazzy sale buys and new-in

  1. Laetitia says:

    The Miu Miu trousers!!! WANT. You are an evil enabler. x

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