Six years of blogging – the changing landscape

Well who’d have thunk it? Six years ago today, I started a fashion blog. This very one, in fact, albeit on a Blogspot platform with a slightly clunky white-text-on-black-background layout. If you scroll back far enough, you can see my early posts; embarrassing though they are, I’ve not deleted them as it’s good to remember the journey.

My six year anniversary coincides with a pithy New York Times T Magazine story by Suzy Menkes lamenting the blog mob and the changes in fashion media and critiquing. Do read it, it’s certainly thought provoking. Alas, Menkes does come across as slightly jaded in her disapproval. Flagging up the common practice of ‘bloggers’ (read: the Fashion Week style blogger elite) who get photographed in next season’s looks, often gifted by designers in exchange for coverage, she reminds us that real reporters don’t play the gifting game (or ‘bribery’ as she puts it). It’s a funny one I admit. On the one hand, why not help give young designers exposure by wearing their clothes, if it will give them a leg-up and boost your visual presence as well? On the other hand, when the pre- and post-show peacocking starts to get more attention than the shows themselves, then that clearly signals a change in how things are working. Is it dumbing down though? or is it just an evolution in how fashion is seen and consumed now?

Six years ago, no-one even considered any of this stuff. As a phenomenon, it simply didn’t exist yet. Instagram didn’t exist, Vine didn’t exist, Twitter was in its infancy and Anna Dello Russo was just another jobbing fashion editor. How would fashion have weathered the recessions were it not for fashion blogs, Fashion Week street style and the powerful role they played in opening up the fashion industry to the masses? More pertinent still; where will fashion, blogging and the street style strutters be in another six years time? I guess that’s for us to witness, while documenting the process…

Thanks for the last six years of support!

Image: Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles – NYT

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9 Responses to Six years of blogging – the changing landscape

  1. Mystyle says:

    Hi there! Yes blogging has indeed evolved and with the advent of social media it’s much easier for blogs to be noticed too. This is my 5th year of blogging and it’s been amazing to see how well known bloggers and photographers have grown and succeeded within the industry.

  2. JM says:

    Happy Anniversary! Apparently the gift for six years is either iron or sugar, a bit of a random choice!!

  3. Happy Blog-day! I liked the Suzy Menkes piece and agree with her about the show-offs. Maybe I’m jaded too?! LOL

  4. Lola says:

    I love what you have wrote here, it is amazing how much everything has changed. I discovered your blog through topshop, when you were featured on their site and have been reading it since. 6 years is huge! Congrats xxx

  5. You started your blog a year before me and I used to be in absolute awe of your blog.. it was anon, right? I can remember being completely thrilled because we exchanged tweets about the new crossing at Oxford Circus! Well done you.. fab blog.. still loving it.

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    You have always been one of the smartest and nicest of fashion bloggers. Six years from now, you will still be at the head of the class.

  7. Disneyrollergirl says:

    What lovely comments! It’s very weird but Simon G, BBB and Sister Wolf are three friends I made through the blogging world who are just as brilliant in real life. Lola, was that the Topshop blogging workshops or something else?
    JM: Sugar? I’m more than happy with that!

  8. FashionBite says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Here’s to the next 6 years x

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