Simple pleasures

It’s true, nothing makes me happier than novelty paper clips…

Woodland paperclips: Accessorize

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10 Responses to Simple pleasures

  1. Kit says:

    I love cute stationery. I still keep my Hello Kitty pencil sharpener from childhood, they’re abit fragile now..made from cheap plastic.

    I’m off to HK in Nov, I really want to get you a cute toothpaste squeezer thingy to add to your cute stationery :D

  2. I have been to DRG headquarters and can confirm that this is true!

  3. Lola says:

    I am obsessed with stationary!

  4. picolin says:

    Perhaps you may already know, and D-Clips by Midori is worth looking –

  5. Wow I’m so glad you posted this, I bought a new pencil case last week and was pathetically happy – I’m not alone!

  6. Disneyrollergirl says:

    ooh kit, take me with you… I’ll carry your bags!
    That’s Not My Age: I have a LOT of filing
    Lola: Doesn’t it make admin that much more jolly?
    Picolin: i didn’t know – LOVE them all
    BlahBlahBeccky: Let’s start a club!

  7. Molly says:

    These clips would really brighten my day!
    I’d really love it if you would like to link up your post to one of my ‘Show Me Your Stationery’ link ups – the latest is here:
    or any of your stationery-loving readers too – all welcome :0

  8. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Love that glue stick! It always smells like almonds…

  9. Kate says:

    Ah as a fellow stationery addict I know you’d probably appreciate the D-Clips mentioned above as much as I do… (I really want the squirrel ones)

  10. Disneyrollergirl says:

    POPUCKSHOP: I know, I want to eat it
    Kate: I found a UK stockist!

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