Should’ve gone to Vidal Sassoon

Just been gifted the Boys Own fanzine collection as a belated xmas pressie from my good friend R. In amongst the blasts from my acid house clubbing past I came across this vintage Vidal Sassoon ad. Hmm I can see where Specsavers got their tagline from…

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3 Responses to Should’ve gone to Vidal Sassoon

  1. birdandholly says:

    Funny! Made me laugh!
    Love x

  2. That's Not My Age says:

    Mmm I did go to Vidal Sassoon once as a student – free haircut from a trainee member of staff scenario – and they gave me an 'anti-head.' The worst haircut I've ever had. I wore a hat for the next six months till my hair grew back – but if they'd been handing out those bowls, I'd have worn one of those instead!

  3. Bunny Darke says:

    What a fantastic campaign! Funny and still super-chic. x

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