Shop report: Hermes Paris flagship

Part of my recent trip to Paris with Hermes involved a visit to the new(ish) flagship store. Situated in a former 1930s swimming pool, it felt tres strange to be standing on the floor of the pool surrounded by original tiles! The store is vast and includes a cafe, a florist, a bookshop and lots of home wares. Hermes is really pushing the homesy stuff in a big way. Did you know you can even get Hermes wallpaper? Feast your eyes…

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4 Responses to Shop report: Hermes Paris flagship

  1. Duck says:

    OK now I HAVE TO go to this shop next time I’m in Paris!! Standing in an old pool would kind of freak me out though. I’d keep thinking they’re just about to release the water back in…

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Might you be in Paris for menswear, Duck?

  3. Duck says:

    I’m not sure :( This is the worst time for me in terms of DPhil to be leaving the country…but Issey keep trying to encourage me to come for the day. Might do a one-night whirlwind like last season!

  4. Caradiaz says:

    Definitely ‘must’ when in Paris next – but will have to ensure I’m not alone when looking at scarves or will end up breaking the bank…


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