Rocket man

Along with every other Phoebe Philo fan girl out there, I’m a recent convert to the Celine minimalist cult. Yet I still can’t fully commit to the sparse Blackberry, Purse, Keys ethos of handbag carrying. Man, I just have too much stuff. So for the days when I also need my netbook, Flip camera, Smythson organiser, umbrella and copy of Grazia, it’s got to be a backpack. And what better one that a Walter van Beirendonck? The bonkers Belgian has collaborated with accessories label Chris & Tibor to produce the rocket-shaped backpacks. Headphones not included…

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4 Responses to Rocket man

  1. Tory says:

    Ah the backpack days, when your spine was aligned and everything was fine… I have a hump from hauling crap in a big shoulder bag… maybe it's time to make the switcheroo to two shoulders?

    PS – having a blog giveaway. Swing by and enter?!

  2. StyleNonsense says:


  3. i love lipstick says:

    I can so see you in one of these. p.s. er, you're missing a magazine in your mental rucksack

  4. kritikamanchanda says:

    I just discovered your blog and spent hours reading all your posts..I love the pictures<3
    I started blogging recently and added you to my blogroll ..
    heres a link

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