Roberto’s ‘up yours’ to the recession

Politically correct or no, I’m loving all the latest reports of credit crunch defying antics. From Balmain’s now infamous sell-out £1000 jeans to Christian Louboutin’s Lesage-embroidered tart’s shoes… it means I can live vicariously through those who aren’t suffering as much as me. Personally, I’m still trying to spend a wee bit to keep the economy afloat. What I do is on the days that I’m working from home I have Heinz tomato soup (not the organic one though – too expensive) or beans on toast for lunch, so the tenner-a-day lunch budget saved goes on a Wagamama/Busaba/Harvey Nicks lunch on the days I’m out and about. (Back in the days when I had an office job I was laughed at for my lavish takeaway lunches but I’m sorry, I don’t do sandwiches – too depressing – plus I need a hot meal and lunchtime is the highlight of my day!)

Anyway I digress. Roberto Cavalli has collaborated with Mastercard on a super-swanky credit card. Here’s the blurb:
‘Created for those who thrive upon excellence, elegance and quality, “The Cavalli Card” promises cardholders a host of premium benefits – each specifically tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Dedicated VIP services at every Cavalli boutique across the world; access to special sales, both in Cavalli retail outlets and online; exclusive invitations to prestigious events, fashion shows and trunk shows: these are just some of the many “deluxe” services offered to the carholders.’

Sigh. See anything wrong with this picture? My problem isn’t the at-odds-with-the-times flashiness but with the brand itself. I’d love all those benefits, just not with Cavalli. However if Acne, APC, Margaret Howell or Chloe decided to do the same, I’d sign up straight away.

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7 Responses to Roberto’s ‘up yours’ to the recession

  1. Sal says:

    Perhaps Cavalli will start a trend and you’ll get your wish!


    I adore you!

    Yes, it’s fun to watch the monied classes dance while the Gulf Stream goes down.

    I myself live for Fried Twinkies and skank watching at Mermaids on Fremont st here in the LV or seeing just how much I can get with $4 at my local 99c store (Mango Tang is 3 for 99c, btw).

    But really, where would we be without the “Roberto Cavalli” card? And thanks for writing about it because I never understand a word that man says!

    Keep up the good work!

    Party on Garth!

  3. Top Bird says:

    I’m the same – I get by on my trusty Heinz when working from home so I’ve got a modest amount for a wee splurge when I make it out. Even better when you actually don’t get further than the letter box for a couple of weeks in a row! xx

  4. She said says:

    I wish I could work from home… I also love heinz tomato soup, can never go wrong.

  5. Designer High Street says:

    I know how you feel, the worse the credit crunch and recession seems to get, the more clothes I just have to have.

    Must be reverse psychology

  6. Solo says:

    Can’t wait for a new design right?!=)

  7. Natty says:

    Agreed. Now a Chanel card would be something…. preferably with one free bag a year…

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