Quote of the day: The Cut

“l’m thinking of the other two people there that probably want to eat, while you tweak the lighting, and arrange your fringe bag. Just eat! Let them eat.”

This story in The Cut on the staged reality of fashion Instagrammers made me laugh. Who hasn’t held up an event while they snap the canapes macarons for yet another Instagram peek into their so-called fabulous fashion life? It’s no secret that Instagram life is our aspirational life, but I have to wonder, if everyone is posting the exact same version of faux-reality, is it time we moved on?

[Image: Instagram/ You Did Not Eat That]

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6 Responses to Quote of the day: The Cut

  1. Ha, ha! Good point! I’m so over staged lives on social media. Of all the people I know who curate their lives on social media, the one with the most perfect online life is easily the unhappiest person in real life. She’s a wreck, always in tears, whereas on Instagram her life is incredible. When I come across people with perfect online lives, I can’t help thinking, ‘Just who are you trying to convince here? Me or you?’

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    @Beautiful Things it’s certainly, um, food for thought…! x

  3. Lola Byatt says:

    it’s not just instagram that i’m bored of, it’s blogs too. I googled the other day “regular blogs” because I am just so sick of seeing everything pictured at the perfect angle, perfect light and with the perfect pout and then that moved me on to instagram, because I haven’t been blogging lately, i’ve got totally hooked on instagram and I’ve begin to notice a repetitive pattern…I wake up and all I see are pictures and pictures of perfectly prepared breakfasts, it seems like EVERYONE just dines out for breakfast these days, then comes to #ootd and again, repetitive, predictable…everyones showing off the latest acne sneakers or the same colour palette or we have the perfectly posed selfies…captioned with a phrase completely unassociated with the selfie itself…..why bother? why not just caption the subtext which is “i think i looke really hot in this picture THAT is why i am posting it” and a 1000+ likes reinforces the delusional view…that this is what makes me popular and it sort of starts a domino effect where aspiring instafame wannabes will start posing in similar ways in order to also get the same number of likes/following. i was naive at first to believe that this was what some peoples lives were like. i feel instagram can be quite dangerous so i’ve really cut back on how often i use it.

  4. Disneyrollergirl says:

    @Lola that is so interesting. I guess in the early days we were blogging for different reasons and now new blogs are emerging purely to emulate the (fake) lifestyle that they think bloggers lead. Oh dear, blogging is about to implode!

  5. Lola Byatt says:

    @disneyrollergirl it does seem that the internet is providing a safe haven for narcissism to thrive and I feel sorry for the average teenager who is going (most likely) to be even more naive than I am, and have this unattainable view on what life “should” be like.

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