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“It’s not just about people having less money. People have changed the way they go for luxury, because they realize at a certain point there’s other things to do with your money than buy things like couture that you may not really need. So I am trying to find a new way to excite them and make them buy in another way. Not a reasonable way, because reasonable is always boring. But finding a new way to attract them.”
Bruno Frissoni on ditching Roger Vivier’s couture line

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3 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Penny Dreadful says:

    Hmm, interesting. I didn't realise they'd ditched their couture line.

  2. Anastasia and Duck says:

    It's true, reasonable is ALWAYS boring


  3. Chuck says:

    Down with reasonable! Or at least with fashion's pretense at realism. Minimal dressing might (might, not necessarily convinced by that) be reasonable but Celine's pricing certainly isn't. x

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