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“Actresses are fantastic, but they’re not models and it’s not easy. [Actresses] have an attitude, but will never be the fashion attitude. To me, fashion photography is with a model; otherwise, it’s a portrait.”
Stefano Pilati, WWD

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3 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Ellen says:

    Brilliant quote, I love your blog! Although I don't you think some actresses have more attitude than some models? And better fashion sense (naturally, not necessarily how they're styled. For instance Helena Bonham Carter dresses like a bag lady but has an amazing attitude and confidence). I guess that's not "fashion attitude" though.



  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Good, now let Vogue etc put models back on the cover instead of Demi Moore!

  3. Chloe at Matchesfashion says:

    Ha I love this! I hate it when the actress/model line gets blurred xx

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