Quote of the day

“There will be queues. I’m telling you. The billboards have been up, the word is out, and I expect them to be camped out in the streets from the night before.”
Faith Hope Consolo of TopShop NYC’s real estate company Prudential Douglas Elliman

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3 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Cassiopeia says:

    So much fuss is being made… I’m sure it’ll be worth it tho. At the mo I wish I was a NewYorker just for the excitement factor ;-D



  2. Sal says:

    No kidding. Just curious to see how looooong those queues will be …

  3. Film Upstart says:

    Mmm is queing or camping out really NYC culture? Maybe the out of towners will be around to throng the lines!

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