Quote of the day

“Youthful beauty is a wonder to be admired, but should not be grotesquely held onto past its time. The greatest advantages of aging are being allowed to be eccentric and commanding respect.”
Jerry Hall, the new face of Chanel

Pic: Graziadaily.com

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3 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Sal says:

    Wise words. I’m impressed. My husband always says the thing he’s looking forward to most about aging is transitioning from “weird” to “eccentric.”

  2. enc says:

    I’m going to remember this one. I’m turning 43 this year.

  3. pretty face says:

    Grey hair is a crown of splendor, attained by a righteous life – Proverbs 16:31

    One of the only things I learnt in Religious Studies

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