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“We have to lower our prices. For the past month I have personally been on the phone asking our manufacturers, our fabric makers, all our suppliers to give us a better price.”
Alber Elbaz on the subject of luxury goods pricing in this very interesting WSJ article

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  1. Make Do Style says:

    Interesting – well goods have had terrific mark ups so deflationary prices still mean they make good margins but this will mean curtailed store expansion and ranges over the next few years.

  2. TEFIMELON says:


  3. Liberty London Girl says:

    Hmm…maybe M Elbaz may like to address the profit margins the luxury houses set themselves rather than tightening the screws around the suppliers? (Reminds me rather unsavourly of the UK supermarkets policies)

    Because altho I love Lanvin jools, nothing on earth will persuade me that the either the labour or the materials justify paying over $4000 for a crystal necklace… and as for the 100% rise in the cost of all designer shoes & handbags over the last five years, a rise that can only be attributable to supply & demand rather than actual worth.LLGxx

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