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“Sabrina Duncan always wore turtlenecks and we would call her ‘The Lesbian’. We always fought over who was going to be who…”
Dan and Dean from D Squared declare their love for Charlie’s Angels in Arena Homme Plus

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6 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Copycat Sasha says:

    I love the original Charlies Angels, and their 70s outfits

  2. Ondo Lady says:

    I always loved Kelly for her glamour and class, plus she had that super shiny hair that was soooooo glossy. Yep the original Charlie’s Angel was the lick.I saw it on TV a few years back and the clothes they has on was still relevant now.

  3. Make Do and Mend says:

    So Arena Homme!

  4. Helen-LG says:

    There’s nothing wrong with turtlenecks!

    … Do I sound overly defensive there?

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    hahaha! She does look lesbitious!

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