Quote of the day: Teresa Watts, Pearly Queen of Clapton

“On Saturday, I am attending nine different street parties ending with a fish ‘n’ chip supper and a knees-up, only to do it all over again the following three days. My mum said she is out so much over the Diamond Jubilee weekend that she is going to sleep in her pearly suit!”
Love this interview with Teresa Watts, Pearly Queen of Clapton via the Jasper Conran blog

[Photo: Harry Dutton]

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3 Responses to Quote of the day: Teresa Watts, Pearly Queen of Clapton

  1. Duck says:

    I have lived in London for almost a year now yet still have never seen a Pearly Queen…

  2. Teresa Watts says:

    If you would like to see our association all together for one occasion, go to our Harvest Festival at St Martins In The Fields, Trafalgar Square on 7th Oct 2012 at 2pm, we will all be there

  3. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks Teresa, I am so there!

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