Primark vs New Look

So I noticed Primark’s arrival in Marble Arch is imminent as the store frontage is up and the battle looks set to commence betwixt Primark and New Look. It will be interesting to see how they battle it out. Pros and cons:
Good points – they haves Giles and Lily Allen doing exclusives with them and their new Shoe Heaven range is shit hot!
– they are soon to start selling online
Bad points – merchandising leaves a lot to be desired and those weird trolley things – what the hell are they about?

Good points – they are so stupidly cheap you can’t NOT buy something
Bad points – the stupidly cheap bubble is sure to burst as seemingly if it’s cheap it can’t be ethical
– queuing (is that how it’s spelt?) is traumatic to say the least and the mess…is it worth it?
-everyone and her granny will be shopping there

Hmm, New Look are winning so far, let’s see how it all pans out…