PPQ behind the scenes

Lucky me, I was given the backstage treatment pre-PPQ courtesy of their make-up sponsors Collection 2000. It was kind of weird being there with all this bustling activity around me. While the make-up artist was giving me her talk (it was all about the eyebrows), my head was doing Exorcist-style 360-degree turns just trying to take everything in. 

Practice walk – what the models wore:
Boyfriend blazer with scrunched up sleeves
Skinny black jeans
Cardigan-soft leather jacket
Thigh grazing mini dress (on Daisy Lowe)
Wet-look leggings
What the PR assistants wore:
Centre-parted 70s hair
Black opaque tights
Bows in the hair
Patent flats
Party frocks
What the punters wore:
Mismatched T-shirting stripes with chiffon
Tiered skirts
Ladylike handbags (Hermes Birkins! Chanel 2.55s!)
Stabby heeled ankle boots
Magenta tights
Eco bags
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6 Responses to PPQ behind the scenes

  1. enc says:

    That sounds fun. Again, I wish I was there.

  2. Lady Smaggle says:

    That’s cool it’s like a uniform list. I think I like the models best.

  3. Audrey Leighton says:


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  4. miss cavendish says:

    How were the bows worn in the hair? Love the visuals that your lists conjure up!

  5. the fashion assistant says:

    Brilliant behind the scenes reportage!!! Any photos?

  6. Kate says:

    I love this peek behind the scenes! I don’t think I could handle the stabby heels (lack of balance…dangerous in my case) but I’m liking the idea of magenta tights

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