Postcards from Vogue: 100 iconic covers

Like the music industry, the publishing industry has become about selling product as well as content. So brand extensions are flourishing like nothing before. But what Vogue has is quite unique – its content is its brand extensions. It uses its incredible archive of photography, illustration and editorials to produce all manner of products, from books to beach towels.

Example: on you can buy this Vogue beach towel (a snip at $450!), this Vogue Erwin Blumenfeld tee ($60), or why not this iconic Cecil Beaton Vogue print? Far better though has to be this collection of 100 Vogue cover postcards. Produced to celebrate 120 years of American Vogue, the collection sells for £14.99 and features an impressive array of images from the early illustrated covers to more recent celeb covers by Annie Leibovitz and Steven Klein. My favourites are the 1930s covers with beautiful typography and the 1990s covers with their minimal coverlines.

This is a brilliant buy whether for sending impromptu thank yous and how-are-yous or as an affordable gift (it comes in a sweet book-style presentation box). On sale on Amazon next week or  everywhere else from the end of the month.

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5 Responses to Postcards from Vogue: 100 iconic covers

  1. Joyce Lau says:

    This is a beautiful gift indeed!!

    Joyce xxx
    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. Angela says:

    Fantastic gift, just added to my wishlist!

  3. Love that Linda and Carre cover. I remember it well!

  4. Alexa says:

    fabulous ! i will check it out on amazon!

  5. Brilliant Xmas gift idea ! thx

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