On my radar: posh satchels

Last month I wrote about printed satchels for Glamour, this month I’m feeling posh satchels. I like the elongated, less childlike shape of Danielle Foster’s leather satchel (below), and Buki Akib’s  knitted satchels (above) inspired by Fela Kuti’s wives and made by craftswomen in Lagos.  And the best thing about Prada’s new hunting-style shoulder bag is these rich but classic colourways; in particular, the public-school-uniform sky blue…

Buki Akib, £186 available at Darkroom
Danielle Foster, £300 available from August
Prada available exclusively in Prada stores in selected European countries, the United Arab Emirates, US and Hong Kong

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2 Responses to On my radar: posh satchels

  1. Tian says:

    Stunning! I love the one in orange. Thanks for leaving a comment and the tip on Balenciaga. :)


  2. The Buki Akib satchels are lush. I also love Angel Jackson for a glam take on satchels – my sequin and fringed one gets a lot of outings!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

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