Pop-up poster art

Silly me. South Kensington is really not the place to go during half term unless you enjoy¬†jostling with 100 pushchairs and twice as many toddlers, not to mention a brace of frazzled parents and the odd bedazzled tourist – all going far too slowly through the ticket barriers of South Ken station. No matter, I soldiered on to the V&A as the Stephen Jones hats exhibition ends on Sunday and I wanted to get one last look. (If you haven’t been yet, go now but be warned, it WILL be jam packed.)

The best bit was passing a pop-up gallery en route to Cromwell Road. A display of American and Swiss poster art is on show until 20th June at 1-5 Exhibition Road, SW7, including some Lichtenstein stunners, a couple of Frank Stellas and a Jasper Johns, plus er, lots of free Toblerone chocs. ‘I’ll come back tomorrow,’ I told myself but something tugged me in. And just as well, as in the process of appreciating the art, I managed to wangle myself an invitation to a Swatch cheese-n-wine soiree a few hours later. Bingo!¬†

Check out these rare 1991 surreal Swatches that were on display…
And the pop-tastic posters…

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One Response to Pop-up poster art

  1. Glowing Doll says:

    I rember seeing those swatches on ebay two summers ago and they cost a fortune!

    I was actually thinking about them the other day. The old Swatch designs used to be so much cooler.

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