Personalised style: Chinti and Parker’s initial sweater

This year is all about the personalised gift, whether that’s monogramming, customising or having things made for you completely from scratch. To those I’d add these Chiniti and Parker initial sweaters. Although I love having my name on things, I wouldn’t want it emblazoned across a sweater, but these supersized initials are so big they’re almost abstract.

The navy cashmere sweaters come in one size, which on me is suitably slouchy (I’m a UK 8), and are perfect for weekend afternoons out and about when you want to be warm enough but not bundled in a dozen layers. I usually stick to plain navy, black or grey knits but the contrast of navy with winter white results in a much-needed brightening effect on dull skin. At £350 these aren’t cheap, but they’re made in Italy from Italian cashmere and Chinti and Parker prides itself on its ethical practices.

I also asked about my cashmere bugbear – bobbling cashmere. Chinti and Parker’s Anna Singh’s advice is to “invest in a debobbler. Contrary to popular belief, high quality cashmere still bobbles over time. Our designer uses a blunt razor to keep hers nice and smooth, stretching her sweater out on an ironing board, but even she admits to the odd mishap, so a debobbler* is best.”

Buy your initial sweater from Net-a-Porter or Chinti and Parker.

*UPDATE: Thank you lovely Amanda from The Womens Room blog for recommending the ‘John Lewis clothes shaver‘ for debobbling duties…
** Typically, it’s currently out of stock

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2 Responses to Personalised style: Chinti and Parker’s initial sweater

  1. On debobblers…John Lewis do the best, a little battery operated number that I find extremely efficient. In fact it can get a teeny bit addictive smartening up your knits, so watch yourself….Ax

  2. Agree with the ladies at The Womens Room, the John Lewis one works a treat. If you can’t find it, and you’re willing to spend a few quid more, Alessi make a design version
    Wherever you buy it though, it’s a must have for any wardrobe.
    I also blogged about the gorgeous Chinti And Parker sweater in my round-up of ethical knitwear here
    Veronica, Rewardrobe

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