I’m getting rather excited about the imminent release of Persepolis. If the above pictures don’t mean anything to you now, they soon will. Posters have started spreading across the London Underground like a raging virus and I can see this film becoming the indie hit of the year. This low-budget animated film, written and co-directed by Marjane Satrapi is loosely based on her life growing up in Tehran. As a child of the 80s she was super-opinionated and bolshy to boot, would listen to frowned-upon pop music and wear Michael Jackson T-shirts under her veil. Don’t you just love her already? Persepolis started off as a graphic novel and has since won The Grand Jury Prize at Cannes and was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar. The film opens in London on April 25th.

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6 Responses to Persepolis

  1. young says:

    Oh, the movie is absolutely lovely! It is very true to the graphic novel, of course, and it is a wonderful experience watching it come to life! I saw it in french, and the young Marjane speaking french is absolutely adorable! But I suppose it will be in english for the UK release?

  2. The Fashion Assistant and her Camera says:

    London underground? haven’t seen them yet.


  3. WendyB says:

    I was meaning to see this in the theaters…hopefully it will be on DVD soon if not already.

  4. July Stars says:

    I saw it in Paris when it came out: amazing!!!!!!!

  5. enc says:

    I know nothing about this, but the images make me want to learn. Beautiful, moody, evocative.


    have already seen the movie, i thought it was great. but, speaking of ‘becoming an indie film of the year’ isn’t it just funny how globalized and cliched everything gets? such a ‘devil wears prada’ syndrome.

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