Peanuts celebrates 60th anniversary at Dover Street Market

Happy anniversary Snoopy and co! And what a fine way to celebrate, with a whole host of accessories, clothing and knick-knacks specially created for Dover Street Market. My heart is set on the Longchamp bag, although I wouldn’t refuse a set of Peanuts bearbricks or – oh go on then – a pair of comic strip Converse… 

But that’s not all. Jackyblue reports that Mulberry has an extra special treat in store due next month… a super limited edition Peanuts-doodled Mulberry bag. OMG! Hmmm, what was that about grown-up fashion…?

[Mulberry bag image:]

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3 Responses to Peanuts celebrates 60th anniversary at Dover Street Market

  1. Jennifer says:

    I feel like I grew up with the Peanuts crew! My father still has a whole set of cheap books of the comics that he bought in the 1960s and I would pore over them as a child. I even sent away to get autographed drawings (copies, of course) by Chuck Schultz and had a doll of Snoopy's sister, Belle that had a great wardrobe. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that Mulberry bag, but never in my budget :(

  2. blue says:

    amazing! I think im showing my age as I really loved snoopy and peppermint patty . I had a snoopy moneybox and snoopy figures you could balance on top of each other.(They were prob all sis jackys though) Did Marc Jacobs do anything?he would have been a good one to ask .

  3. That's Not My Age says:

    Oh I love Peanuts – I had a Snoopy sweatshirt as a teenager – and am really pleased that my friends kids are into it now, you can buy cute kids clothes at Benetton (much cheaper than DSM)!

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