Library Corner: Paul Smith’s A-Z and The Picture Of Dorian Gray

I literally can’t keep up with all the amazing books being launched at the moment. Paul Smith’s A-Z is the latest bound-to-be-a-best-seller by the affable one, which is full of his musings on business, technology, design and general way of seeing. Paul Smith has a very unique yet relatable outlook on life and every ounce of it is translated in his brand. He reckons that being dyslexic informs his way of working and his creative chaos. (If you’ve never seen photos of his office, prepare to be gobsmacked by the sheer amount of stuff in it, which he claims may look messy but makes perfect sense to him). I read this book in a leisurely hour or two on a sunny Sunday (yep, that one) but also thoroughly recommend it for casual dipping into throughout the year. Like his 2001 book, You Can Find Inspiration In Anything, this is a feel-good book to use as your own creativity-booster or to give as an inspiring gift.

I also have to give props to this kind-of book that I found in the Paul Smith Albemarle Street store. I love this curiosity shop as there’s always a heap of new furniture/art/books/objets to discover on every visit. I thought this was a vintage magazine but it’s a clever modern-day interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, by publishers Four Corners Books. I absolutely love the magazine-style design of this (complete with kitsch 70s cigarette ads) and at £12 it’s a pretty affordable version of the book that will look wonderful on a coffee table. As it happens, I have never read The Picture of Dorian Gray so will add this to my toppling pile of to-be-read novels…

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4 Responses to Library Corner: Paul Smith’s A-Z and The Picture Of Dorian Gray

  1. Paul Smith A-Z looks amazing and I have seen pictures of his studio—kooky crazy! Interesting tidbit about the dyslexia.

  2. Riyka says:

    Inspiring finds, and will def have to have a look at the Paul smith shop, thanks, great post!

  3. Sarah Betty says:

    Hey Navaz, I really need to buy these two books now. I had no idea Paul Smith was so whimsical and inspiring on things like this – I really need to know more.

    Sarah Betty xx

  4. I’m a big Paul Smith fan & would love this book.

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