Paul Simonon looks hot in hats

The New York Times has a feature on Borsalino hats, specifically the ones sported by Hasidic Jews. As D never tires of telling me, Borsalino is a brand, not a style but, whatever, I’m a fan. My favourite Borsalino wearer is Paul Simonon from the Clash, so this is a fine time to show some gratuitous pictures him looking hot cool in his Borsalino-and-camel-Crombie combo…

[Image credits top to bottom:
Bob Gruen, Epic/Legacy Records, unknown, unknown, Neal Preston/Corbis]

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One Response to Paul Simonon looks hot in hats

  1. Yep, he looks hot in hats. I nearly bought a Borsalino hat in Italy but came over all frugal – again!

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