Pat McGrath’s make-up lesson.

To get this season’s flicked eyeliner look, follow these 4 simple steps:
1) Sit with uncrossed legs looking straight ahead into a mirror to keep your posture balanced.
2) Always use a sharp eye pencil to start and use pointed cotton buds for corrections.
3) The key is not to draw the line in one go. Do a bit on one eye, then the other and so on until you’re happy.
4) Using the pencil as a guide line, finish with liquid eyeliner on top. Pat McGrath used Cover Girl ‘s LineExact Liquid Liner at the LV show.


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4 Responses to Pat McGrath’s make-up lesson.

  1. riz says:

    Ok, Pat McGrath is a genius! Love the blog which I just stumbled upon…Nice topics, I have similar interests I think.

  2. WendyB says:

    MAC’s Fluidline eyeliner is also a good one for this.

  3. Ondo Lady says:

    Well Pat McGrath is the ultimate make up girl. I wonder when she is going to release her own make up brand.

  4. ambika says:

    I so want to do this, it’s so 50s and sexy.

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