Paris calling

I’ve been so mega-busy I haven’t had time to blog about my recent day trip to Paris. Zut alors! Ah well, it’s timely that I’m doing it now I s’pose. On this occasion we took things very leisurely. After petit dejeuner in Place Vendome, we went to Faubourg St Honore followed by a quick stopover in Les Halles (to worship the Keith Haring sculpture at the Saint-Eustache church) before finishing at the Merci cafe in Le Marais.

What did I buy? I was totally bowled over by the rockabilly vintage at Noir Kennedy in Le Marais. Brothel creepers lined one wall, aged Converse lined another and a choice selection of reconditioned baseball jackets (mainly with Canadian emblems bizarrely) caught my eye while I was looking for a just-shrunken-enough denim Levi’s jacket. I didn’t find the Levi’s jacket, mainly because D ushered me away from them (unbeknown to me he had already bought me one on Ebay for my birthday – bless). Instead I snapped up a green vintage baseball jacket which I’ve been wearing with turn-up Levi’s, stompy work boots, a little black sweater and an Hermes scarf. I was only allowed to take one photo but I was sneaky and took two.

Not wanting to shop for the sake of shopping, I managed to keep a lid on my spending (if you discount the food and coffees… €5 for a capuccino – yikes). I was sorely tempted in another vintage shop, Studio W whose bourgeois bags would look rather nice dangling from the shoulder of my Burberry trench, Lauren Hutton stylee. William, the owner, didn’t speak much English but we gleaned that this was a high-end vintage shop, something of a little black book secret to fashion insiders but not by the general public. He graciously let me get snap happy with the Lumix.

We stumbled upon The Kooples as we were leaving Le Marais. It’s one of those of-the-moment French labels that channels sexy-grungy rock chick with a tailored edge very well. The Kooples is owned by the sons of the people who ran Comptoir des Cotonniers. We were told they plan to open five London stores by the end of the year which is pretty impressive considering we’re in the last quarter already. I liked the quality of their jeans but couldn’t be arsed to spend half an hour trying jeans on so settled for a wafer-thin white T-shirt with a zip at the back instead. Not cheap but the quality seemed worth it. I’ll give the jeans another shot when they arrive on UK soil.

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8 Responses to Paris calling

  1. WendyB says:

    Canadian baseball? Interesting!

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Oh great day out and a lovely birthday treat. We loved our day trip so I'd do it time and time again.

  3. enc says:

    It's times like this when I wish I could jump on a train to Paris.

  4. Girlie | Digital Room says:

    It looks like you really had a blast during your day trip to Paris. You must've had a wonderful time checking out the clothes and shoes from the vintage store you visited. Looking forward to more photos from your trip to Paris

  5. Peaches and Cream says:

    Faubourg St Honore is my fave spot for shopping in Paris! And the vintage! Oh, I think it's time for Paris! Again.
    I've been hearing about The Kooples a bit lately, I hope they make it to London soon!

  6. That's Not My Age says:

    I'm going to Paris in November & I'll be heading straight for Merci.

    And OMG you've got video.. you know this means another 'net nanny' session

  7. pretty face says:

    Zut alors indeed! I only now remember why my reading of your blog slowed down – I was turning too green with envy every time I visited 😉

    Only joking; I am just mad busy but this post has reminded me how much I love DRG and I hope to do a major catch-up soon! xx

  8. Sapphire says:

    the vintage shop looks so nice
    wish i could just go to paris right now!

    and i agree with you on the prices
    so expensive
    i don't think i've ever spent so little because it seemed ridiculous,


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