Yesterday was my first blogday and I completely forgot! I had no idea all those months ago that I’d still be blogging a year later, and getting comments – woo hoo, thank you guys!

This is a good time to thank Jen at www.mahalofashion.blogspot.com for organising the FBAs (Fashion Blogger Awards) – I was a runner up for Best Fashion insiders’ Blog! (OK, I know there aren’t that many fashion insiders’ blogs but still…) I didn’t get a chance to vote because my computer has been acting funny – I’ve not been able to post comments for a couple of weeks…so frustrating. Anyway, that reminds me, my blog buddy LibertyLondonGirl at www.libertylondongirl.blogspot.com has given me a Blogs That Make My Day Award. If only I knew how to display these accolades on my page. One day I’ll learn but first I need to update my links, baby steps, right?

Now I just need to find a picture of a giant birthday cake to illustrate this post. Anyone got any links?*

*Ah…Blue Floppy Hat has sent me this one – thank you!

Bow belles

No clue how you’re supposed to put anything in these bow-tie cluches (top pic) but practical issues like that didn’t stop me dropping silly money on my Bottega Veneta leopard-print clutch or my Margiela dog-shaped tote (in white I tell you. What was I thinking?)

These bags are by Alexis Mabille who has something of a bow-tie fixation. Check out www.Alexismabille.com for more bow-tie eye candy.

Chaos theory

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. Due to tech issues, I’ve not been able to get onto Blogger for a few days. For what it’s worth, Mercury is retrograde until the 18th Feb which means miscommunications are likely and carefully-organised plans are bound to go awry. Susie Bubble lost two laptops and a camera and I’ve had issues charging my phone, laptop and camera. Heed my words peeps, double-check all plans and back up your work!

Normal service will resume soon…

Mystic Rollergirl

How to wear a sari by Nidhi Sunil

Call me biased but what with the Indian economy in overdrive and an undercurrent of Indian influences in fashion (Hermes’ spring-summer collection is a case in point, plus an Hermes store opening in Delhi is imminent), I predict the sari to be next on the fashion-revival-ometer. When I was shooting in Goa last Thursday, the subject of saris came up so I asked my model Nidhi from Elite Models India to give me a quick verbal tutorial on how to wear one. Here’s her step-by-step how-to:

1. First you start with the shoes. This is so you know how long to wear your sari. I like to wear mine with high heels.

2. When you buy your sari it comes with some extra fabric to make the blouse. You give this to your tailor so he can make the blouse to your specifications.

3. Put on your blouse and your petticoat. The petticoat is a long underskirt with a drawstring. It’s important to tie the drawstring really tight as it has to take the weight of the entire sari.

4. The sari is about six yards long and at one end is the ‘pallu’ which is the ornate section that goes over the shoulder. Starting with the other end, tuck the top edge securely into the petticoat adjusting the length to cover your shoes. I start on the left.

5. You can ask your tailor to stitch a ‘fall’ at the bottom edge of the sari. This is about six inches of fabric that reinforces the sari so it doesn’t tear if you step on it, and it also adds weight to the sari so it drapes nicely.

6. Take the sari around the body once anti clockwise and tuck in, then take it around a second time. Whether it sits above or below the navel depends on how tall you are as the width of the sari remains the same. The sari should completely cover the petticoat.

7. The draped front of the sari is achieved by pleating it. You can pleat as much or as little as you like. Make six or seven pleats of about a palm’s width and tuck them firmly into the top of your petticoat. Use a sari pin or a nappy pin from inside to secure the pleats.

8. Bring the remaining fabric diagonally across to your left shoulder and let it hang behind.

9. To secure it on your shoulder you can use a safety pin or even a brooch.

10. How do you go to the loo in a sari? Lift it up!

Hermes catwalk pics from Vogue.co.uk