Richard Prince vs Ivanka Trump – fake art?

Richard Prince Ivanka Trump

Art provocateur Richard Prince made a different kind of art statement this week by ‘denouncing’ a work of art he once sold to Ivanka Trump. The piece, one of his controversial Instagram series ‘New Portraits’ (above) was commissioned by Ivanka Trump and sold to her and her husband Jared Kushner for $36k three years ago. The series involved Prince choosing an existing Instagram post, adding his own comment, then enlarging it and printing it on canvas as a work of art.

But in a fit of anti-Trump pique and referencing Pa Trump’s ‘fake news’ schtick, Prince has returned the $36,000 and denounced the piece saying “This is not my work. I did not make it. I deny. I denounce. This fake art”.

Richard Prince denounces artwork he sold to Ivanka Trump
Richard Prince Ivanka Trump

Can he actually denounce creating a piece of art? The Fashion Law unpacks the situation here. I kind of love Prince’s sentiment but can’t help thinking it only makes the painting more famous and thus increases its market value. Perhaps that’s all part of the plan?

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
MAIN IMAGE: Richard Prince
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