On my radar: Liberty.co.uk

So there are rumours going round that poor Liberty is in trouble again and may be in danger of closing. This store seems to always have the threat of closure hovering above it but manages to haul itself out of trouble each time – it’s been going on for years. Whether or not the rumours are true, fans will be pleased to know that their transactional site is finally properly up and running. It started selling accessories and smaller items earlier in the year but now you can buy clothing by the likes of Acne Jeans, See by Chloe, McQueen et al online. There is also a sweet little blog which is updated every few days and features newsy snippets as well as interviews with buyers and designers across all the departments – furniture, beauty, fashion… Let’s hope Liberty can overcome whatever problems they are having, it’s one of London’s treasures.

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13 Responses to On my radar: Liberty.co.uk

  1. Nathalia says:

    It really is and I just love going there when I’m in London! I really wish the store would open here in sweden to…
    Love your blog:)

  2. pretty face says:

    Oh I love this place!

    Over Woolworth’s any day, anyway! x

  3. miss cavendish says:

    Indeed. I just discovered this update from you while looking up your earlier post to link to–I’ve just been reflecting on department stores chez moi.

  4. Shini says:

    it is definitely a treasure, I can’t imagine it closing…I loove this place 😀

  5. enc says:

    I’ve never even been in there, but I know how important Liberty is in the community, so I hope it stays open.

  6. Ondo Lady says:

    I really like Liberty and adore the make up section. I also agree with you about clothes being stacked up high. I cannot stand the sales, puts me right off seeing clothes flung all over the place.

  7. the fashion assistant says:

    No way!!! It’s London’s national treasure, our piece of history. I’d be sad to see it go….I buy my knitting yarns from there.

    Protest! Protest!!

  8. Glowing Doll says:

    It can’t close.

    I’m sure Madonna or some other suitably rich person will save it.

    Richard Branson perhaps?

  9. Sarah Edwina Rose says:

    I heard that too, just so sad! It is one of the most beautiful bulidings in London and suits the aesthetic of Liberty perfectly

  10. July Stars says:

    I’ve heard this rumour and was devastated. I truly hope that it will turn out to be just that, a rumour … Not a reality. I love that place. It’s a real London institution and one of the few places offering a fantastically well chosen selection of clothes and shoes.

  11. Helen-LG says:

    Absolutely is a treasure – forget Harrods, Harvey Nicks, et all – Liberty all the way for me!

    I can rarely afford to buy anything there but do like a walk around the place from time to time. Hopefully the new site will help

  12. discothequechic says:

    oh dear, if i had the budget, i would quite happily haul them out of danger again..

    but alas, i do not.


  13. atelier says:

    I hope so… it’s a lovely place in London, and so emblematic!

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