OMG! 5 no-spend fashion tips

Jesus wept. VAT is going up to 20%, our wallets are empty due to holidays in Euro-cities and the sales have wiped us out. Plus, next season’s stock is all but ready to drop. What’s a girl to do? Easy, just try these fund-free fashion styling tips. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you style it…

We all know that a coat is a key seasonal purchase, but what if you haven’t got £1K to spend on a Celine topper? No matter, just style it out! Grab last year’s trench/cocoon/parka and perch it casually on your shoulders a la Alexa. Simples.

A well-documented look at the shows on and off the runway. Take a loosely-cut jumper, push up the sleeves, tuck it into your shorts, skirt or trousers (the fuller the better) and add a coordinating belt.

No jumper? Tuck in your hair! A favourite of fashion editors and posh girls, all you need is long, straight hair and a minimalist jacket/coat/cape.


Take your cue from Martin Margiela and do a shoe DIY job with some sticky stuff from Endless possibilities.

Yep, it’s back! Another Alexa Chung-inspired tip, just take your It bag or shit bag, sling a wee trinket on it and you’re good to go… Here’s Alexa demonstating how it’s done with her Louis Vuitton Speedy…

So… what are your no-spend fashion tips?

[Pics top to bottom:
Alexa Chung/
Vanessa Jackman

Grazia magazine
Maison Martin Margiela shoe
Alexa Chung/Grazia Daily]
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13 Responses to OMG! 5 no-spend fashion tips

  1. That's Not My Age says:

    Vogue says 'dressing up box' is a trend – this means throw on a load of mismatching clothes that look like shit. Easy.

    But I'll be wearing a jumper over an old maxi skirt a la Marc Jacobs/Dries Van Noten.

  2. Isabelle says:


  3. WendyB says:

    The hair tuck makes me laugh. I just saw that in a magazine as a way to look effortlessly chic hair-wise…really.

  4. SJP says:

    Charity shops – cheap and unique clothes that no one else has!

    Oh, and raiding the wardrobe of my Nan and wearing her pleated skirts as dresses. Vintage print scarves are also a nice way of updating your bag/hair/neck…

    Great post! Xx

  5. Madame G says:

    I'll be chopping the straps off old chain bags to make a body harness!

  6. Rose says:

    the coat cape is brilliant- it looks very modern and costs nothing and has no value added tax

    My tip isn't as good but just plain clothes and good accessories if you can't buy in to the newer trends

  7. kerry jean power says:

    My 'no spend' fashion tip involves a 'small spend'. DYE.

    Specifically Dylon Machine Dye.

    Seriously. It's like having a brand new wardrobe!

  8. snowy stylista says:

    I love your spend thrift tips! I always think if you look to the back of your wardrobe you can always find something lurking around that can be dressed up/down to recreate current trends. Don't throw anything away!! e xx

  9. Sarah says:

    Loved this piece.

    This thrifty 'tip' in Vogue made me laugh: 'Follow Richard Nicoll to Ryman and stock up on bulldog slips, then embellish and fix to hems, lapels and waistbands…'. Hmmm.

  10. Peaches and Cream says:

    Hmm, not sure about adding stationery to my wardrobe, my memories of customising with safety-pins are a little too lucid.
    The hair tuck thing, well that's easy, it just happens every morning when I'm rushing out the door 20 minutes late for work and don't have time to look in a mirror. Who knew if I was a messy slob long enough it would come into fashion?!
    I'm thinking the coat over the shoulders thing may not cope well with the rushing.

  11. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    I'm guilty of the hair-tucking- I have long, straight hair, a penchant for jackets and live in a city that's prone to being windy (split ends!).
    I ordered a school uniform skirt last year, to wear as a regular skirt (it was the only plaid skirt I could find that didn't look like wannabe Britney), and it was cheap besides. I did feel rather embarrassed about having to pretend to be a high schooler, though- EXTREMELY embarrassed in fact. Half expected the tailors to demand ID…

  12. Cherie City says:

    Spotted super straight hair tucked into a coat at the Chanel couture show.
    Maybe I'll add four white stitches to the backs of my jumpers so everyone thinks they are Margiela.
    Love these no-spend tips and after splurging on soon redundant summer clothes, I really need them!

  13. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    PS: Re: hair-tucking, I can understand if it's done in winter since I like the idea of my own hair helping to keep the back of my neck from freezing (while also protecting it from tangly,split-end-casuing wind). But in summer…don't these people sweat?

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