Oh Domenico and Stefano, what have you started?

I know I’ve been going on about autumn’s silk headscarf look for weeks but the trend is just getting out of control and it’s not even September yet. Only this weekend I saw a muslim girl in Oxford Street rocking some sort of Amy Winehouse-derived beehive shrouded in a logo Fendi scarf and oh my gosh, it looked scorchio! Maybe it was the flawless skin and Sharpie-style eyeliner flicks but the fact can’t be ignored, this silk scarf thang has a mind of its own.

Latest news on the silk square front is from Hermès. It has hooked up with the Josef Albers estate to create a limited edition (read: highly collectable) range of scarves* based on his famous Homage to the Square series of abstract paintings. Each scarf is printed in an edition of 200, numbered and sold in a special presentation box. They arrive in the UK this week but brace yourself, they cost £1,600 each!

[*Clarification: The pics above are examples of Josepf Albers’ paintings, not the scarves themselves…]

Pics: Google Images

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9 Responses to Oh Domenico and Stefano, what have you started?

  1. Make Do and Mend says:

    for these the petit garcon will be listed on ebay immediately – if only he would stay still for me to take a photo!

  2. pinup_girl says:

    I love a good silk scarf. That girl you saw sounds ridiculously cool. Oh, & I love the title of this post.

  3. indigo16 says:

    Oh, they do look wonderful, and whilst they are an eye watering amount, they are still cheaper than his paintings..or are they?

  4. Lady Smaggle says:

    Ohhhhh! I want one so badly! I do good scarf and I’m pleased about their return.

  5. July Stars says:

    I wish my stylish French mother would let me “borrow” her silk scarves, she has the most incredible collection including gorgeous strong coloured 70s Celine, Hermes, Dior, Missoni, and Gucci.

  6. Sal says:

    I’m a scarf fanatic overall, though a little wary of popping one on my noggin. Even more so of popping a £1,600 on my noggin … even if it is a stunner!

  7. laia. says:

    dear god how can we get people to make Albers scarves?!?

  8. Top bird says:

    Oh good grief, these are just amazingly beautiful.

    If I ever had the (unlikely) good fortune of owning one, I don’t know whether I’d frame it or wear it.

  9. hebden says:

    Love Albers’ work but these scarves are too rich for my blood… unfortunately.

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