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Catwalk Queen reports that Liberty has finally gone live with its transactional website after months of gentle teasing. Like many other transactional sites – Harvey Nichols for one – they’re taking things slowly, concentrating on ‘easy’ purchases like gifts, homewares and fabrics before jumping into the fray with clothing (although their shoe boutique launches on Friday). I have harped on before wondering why it’s taking so long for many stores to go online with proper stock, not just the easy options of leathergoods, perfume and make-up. Clearly I wasn’t thinking straight. Having discussed the issue with contacts at My-Wardrobe and New Look, it appears that having an online arm to your business is no breeze. In the words of my contact at My-Wardrobe, selling online ‘is like opening a whole new department store’ – it can take years.

The main issue is where to store the stock. Net-a-porter house theirs in a huge warehouse, so for a department store it’s not a matter of just taking things off the rail, otherwise as my mole at New Look explained, the rails would be permanently empty. Next is the issue of returns. In order to keep returns to a minimum, it makes sense to stock things that don’t need to be tried on, hence the success of wallets, sunglasses and – kerching! – handbags. (Even though the economy is on the slide, handbag sales are still going up.) Once the transactional site has been up and running for a while, with teething problems mostly ironed out, the clothing can then be introduced. If you think about it, launching a transactional site really needs to be thought out, there’s just no way of hurrying it up. Online users are impatient and vocal and it only takes one or two bad experiences to spell disaster. Better to think things through, take baby steps and do it properly, even if it means potential shoppers champing at the bit while they wait.


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8 Responses to Now we’re talking…

  1. WendyB says:

    My e-commerce site is tiny compared to any of these stores and it was HELL to set up.

  2. Allure says:

    Thanks for explaining. Everything makes sense now.

  3. hebden says:


    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you with a Premio award…check out my blog for more info.


  4. Sister Wolf says:

    I can only hope I don’t get addicted to yet another online store. I can spend 30 minutes just at Browns online. I see my life running out like sand through my fingers….

  5. Make Do and Mend says:

    Great insight and sooo true – nothing worse than a bad experience.
    Whoops more time lost to browsing then…

  6. susie_bubble says:

    I’m hoping I will be able to run an ickle online store from my house…. wrapping parcels with a lot of TLC everyday…that would be heaven…

  7. enc says:

    This is thrilling to me. I’ve always wanted to get access to Liberty fabric directly from the source without having to fly to London! The shoes are hot.

  8. skinnyGLASSESgirl says:

    oh no more temptation to buy shoes!! ;o)

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