New(ish) blood for Chloé

As reported yesterday, OUT goes Paulo Melim Andersson and IN goes Brit designer Hannah MacGibbon. MacGibbon is an old Chloé face. She was there at the beginning of Phoebe Philo’s reign and was recently creative director for the development and launch of Chloé Parfum (yes, those divine pics of Sevigny, Rubik and Poesy). This is good news to me. I loved Philo’s Chloé aesthetic and even though MacGibbon will have to move it on, I have a feeling her innate London-girl style (she is an ex St Martins girl after all) will give it back the cool-chic edge it needs.

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One Response to New(ish) blood for Chloé

  1. indi says:

    oh this is exciting i had no clue!i loved chloe best under phoebe philo’s direction.

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