New name to know: Sea New York

What is it about city types and fashion? After Osman Yousefzada (who started out as a city banker) comes financier-turned-fashion-designer Sean Monahan, whose label Sea New York is one to watch for AW 08. Just arrived in the UK, I especially love the two-in-ones which look like a top and skirt but are in fact a dress. Talk about no-brainer dressing!

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6 Responses to New name to know: Sea New York

  1. susie_bubble says:

    Love the colour combos…obviously prefer Yousefzada though…

  2. Rachie-Pie says:

    ooohh i like teh two in one style aswell! H&M does a really nice one for £9.99!!

  3. Runaway Gallery says:

    I agree. It’s a wonderful line.

  4. Paris says:

    Top/Dress number one is gorgeous! I’d wear it as a dress with some HUUUAGE platforms xx

  5. enc says:

    The color combos are great,^^ and I love the last dress a lot.

  6. Queen Michelle says:

    Oooh loving this!

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